Welcome to the Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance Program website for agents of Horace Mann.

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Aon/Affinity Insurance Services, Inc. administers this program for the agents of Horace Mann, Markel American Insurance Company underwrites this program. Please refer to the Coverage Features or FAQs for more information.

As you face new and more complex exposures, the need to protect yourself is greater than ever. You need Errors & Omissions Insurance that is simple, affordable and provides comprehensive protection.

Enrollment Instructions:

  1. On the navigation bar to the left, select the applicable Enrollment option:
    • For returning online users enrolling for the 10/1/21 renewal:
      • Click on 'Annual Enrollment'
      • Select the enrollment form.
      • Login using your existing credentials and follow the prompts to proceed with enrollment and make payment.
    • For first-time enrollees enrolling with a 10/1/21 effective date or later
      • Click on 'First Time Enrollment'
      • Select the enrollment form.
      • Complete the enrollment form and make payment.

  2. Certificate will be issued within 48 hours after your online enrollment is complete or your enrollment has been processed.

  3. After your enrollment has been processed, you may access your certificate of insurance by logging in to ‘My Account’

For assistance with website navigation or questions about enrollment, please contact us by phone at 800-621-0711 or via email at info@agents-eo.com. Assistance by phone is available Monday-Friday between 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST.